Please, always respect nature, wildlife and the fascility.

On arrival, please present permit to your host receiving you.


Occupation from 15:00, departure by 10:00, unless otherwise arranged.


Please report any damages / short comings immediately to the care taker/ owner otherwise you might be held responsible.

Strictly No Fires except for in the very lekker Boma or safe braai area.

Strictly No collecting of wood from the veld (wood is available at R15 per bundle).

No fires to be left unattended at any time. Last person to assure its completely out before leaving it.

No smoking inside bungaloes. Use ashtrays provided for. Bring ALL butts back to camp & put in dustbin PLEASE.

No fire crackers or any loud noises at all please – do not disturb any animals or birds.  A lot of game on our property and they all have right of way.


No misuse of alcohol or misbehavior will be tolerated.


No obstruction of peace by means of radios, music, tvs, etc.

No littering.
Litter also inlcude eggshells, bana peels etc, please throw in dustbin and don't leave in veld.

No graffiti on any natural objects, buildings or furniture will be tolerated.
That includes scribling on stones etc (parents please watch the kids), the next guests also want to feel as if they are the first ones to be here.

Do not remove or move or disturb any fauna and flora nor stones, rocks, pretty woods etc.


Do not throw any rocks anywhere.

No driving off roads in the veld.

No hunting unless pre-arranged; only bow-hunting allowed.

No hunting nor driving while drinking.

The use of any firearms, catapults etc is strictly prohibited!

No reckless driving on farm.

Following good conservation ethics, yellow fish, fresh water eal and other indigenous species are catch and release only, unless damaged.

No mattresses/furniture may be removed from the chalets / lapa please!


No removal of towels from chalets, provide your own towels for by the river please.


Close all doors and windows when leaving the camp! (Monkeys may pay a visit).


Store ALL foodstuffs in the kitchen.


Children must be under adult supervision at all times.


Take extra care on stoeps, decks and around fire places please.

Remove dirty boots / footware before entering the chalets.

Swimming, walking, driving and playing at own risk!

Cleaners will wash your pots and pans but not your car nor your laundry (this may be arranged with them outside their normal working hours and for your own account).

Take only photographs & memmories and leave only footprints and good memmories for us!

The number one rule is respect and enjoyment!